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Reasons… part 2

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Continued from Reasons… Part 1

Following on from my previous post, there is one more reason I’d like to make this trip. A reason outside of myself. For a cause that motivates me. In a way that people other than me might benefit. My personal reasons are valid. But I’m not sure they’re enough. I need something greater to motivate me through the hardest moments and darkest days. Something that will keep me going when I’m cold, wet, hungry, tired, scared, or all of the above. And here it is.

It’s Lee Robson’s second attempt to recover from leukaemia. As I write he’s just received his latest bone marrow transplant. Throughout his “conditioning” -a horribly euphemistic term for “very aggressive chemotherapy”- his humour, strength and love for his family has shone through. A tenth of that strength would get me to Spain and back, even if chased by a bear. (I’ve done my research, apparently they’re very timid. And aren’t they all asleep this time of year?)

I cycled with Lee, a lifelong friend, earlier this year as he struggled to complete John O’ Groats to Newcastle in aid of Bright Red, just prior to being diagnosed for the second time. Bright Red exists to improve the lives and treatment of people in the North of England who are dealing with blood cancers, through care, education and research. They give real help where it’s needed, and support real improvements in treatment. So look them up. Run or ride or trek Kilimajaro for them. Their facebook page is pretty good, and you can follow them on Twitter. Or reach for the justgiving button on my page and donate from there. Thanks.

I’ll also have to think of another reason to go, just so I can write a blog post entitled Reasons… Part 3, and become the darling of Ian Dury and the Blockheads fans everywhere. Can anyone think of any more reasons?


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One thought on “Reasons… part 2

  1. Lee died two days ago. But not before he inspired many with his unquenchable joy for life, his humour and his love for everyone he knew.

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