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Pour mes belles filles.


I write this for my three beautiful girls back home.

Dear N, M and E,

I’m having a wonderful time, and when you read this I will have ridden my bike all the way across France and into Spain. Mostly I’ve been staying in my little tent. It’s been just big enough and just warm enough for me every night. I’ve ridden through a huge forest on long, straight paths as far as the eye can see. It took me two whole days to cross it! Tonight the stars are amazing, and I stopped my bike to look at the Milky Way.image

I think of you all every day and imagine what you are doing. I expect you are all ready for your Christmas plays and concerts. I know you are all going to be fantastic, and E will count her sheep perfectly.

Every morning when I wake up I make tea in the cup you gave me for my birthday. I love doing this because not only do I get a hot drink on a frosty morning, I also get to think of you and remember how kind you are to me.image

The one thing I miss most about being away is your hugs. If there was a World Championship of Hugging, you three would win gold medals. So make sure you practice your hugging while I am away, because I’ll need extra special ones when I get back.

I went on this trip because it is a dream I had for a long time. An ambition to do something big and exciting. And now I am doing it it is like one of my dreams has come true. I want you all to realise that if you have dreams that each of you can make them happen. You can have adventures as big as your imagination. You can achieve things that no-one has done before. You are so, so special- please remember this always. You are not ordinary. You are amazing. I love you.


Author: Patrick Carr

Playing outside.

3 thoughts on “Pour mes belles filles.

  1. Thank you Dad, you’re amazing too. Me and sisters love you a lot. We all promise to practice our hugging.

  2. I have got some questions to ask you. What does the food taste like? Do French and Spanish people understand you? Lots of love,
    N, your oldest daughter.

    • The food has been lovely. I had the best salad ever in Spain, and I will write about it tomorrow. I have been eating lots of fresh bread, the long sticks called Baguettes. And cheese is good for energy. I had your favourite, mussels, in my tent one night, cooked on the little stove. And I discovered this sweet stuff made with apples I think, Membrillo. It is like jam, or maybe jelly, and it tastes amazing on bread and cheese.

      Speaking French has been a lot of fun, and I remembered lots of words I thought I’d forgotten. Speaking Spanish is harder for me, but I try to communicate in the language of the country I am in, because I think it shows that you care about the people you are talking to. Anyway, I’m back on the border now so it’s very confusing. People speak three languages here, Basque, French and Spanish, and though I can tell which is which, I don’t understand them all!

      It is not so long till I see you now, and I am very, very excited. Seeing you will be the best Christmas present ever. I love you, Dad.

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